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Our Team

Netstudio started out in 2005, as a projection of Yannis Karampelas' and Polyxene Grigoriadis' 8-year marketing experience. The goal was clear from day one: to build and promote websites and online shops that work effectively.

Officially, we go by the name of "Netstudio OE". On a daily basis, though, for any advice or solution by phone, e-chat or a visit to our offices, you know Netstudio is your internet workshop. And you call us by our first names...

polinaPolina Web Developer
dimitrisDimitris Web Developer
steliosStelios Project Manager
ΚωνσταντιναKonstantina Project Manager
emiEmi Web Developer
minaMina Web Developer
pennyPenny Web Analyst
rafailRafail Web Analyst
giannisGiannis Web Developer
nkarlisNikos Web Developer
voulaParaskevi Web Developer
zetaZeta Userfeel Support
penlixKonstantinos Art Director
manAntonis Th. Illustrator
kaitiKate Cleaning (DEBUGGING)
ioannaIoanna Cleaning (DEBUGGING)
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