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Savvas Malakontas

Account Manager

I graduated as Programmer Analyst at a private school and started my employment at software company involved in European Research Programs. Shortly after I was appointed responsible IT in a Construction Group of Companies, a decision which affected my involvement with Works, Cost Control, Time Scheduling and Project Management in general.

My next stop maintained and even strengthened my occupation with Project Management, due to the implementation of complex ERP applications, BPM and CRM systems. From the position of the General Management I dealt with a number of issues, which required needs analysis, organization processes, customization, implementation and finally operation.

Several years later I met John and I was intrigued by the technology, features, innovative solutions and information who mentioned so passionately.  So our cooperation was a fact and started by promoting web design and e-shop, promotion and communication techniques with efficacy and performance measurements which maintain and enhance the interest and my knowledge in the field of Internet Marketing.

The technology is constantly evolving, companies wish to follow and we must be the channel which will give a push to our partners in order to be close to the progress with a view to the competitive advantage and success.