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Conversion Rate Optimization

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If you have an e-commerce site or even a simple lead generation page, we can optimize its conversion rate.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who perform a specific action on your site (e.g. fill out the contact form, sign up, buy etc.). For example, if your site gets 100 visitors per day and 1 out of them places an order, then your conversion rate is 1%.

Conversion Rate Optimization means that you have more orders, more revenue, more profit without having more visitors, without increasing the ad spend.

Increases to conversion rate lead to lower cost per new client. So, if you run for example an AdWords campaign where each visitor costs €0,50, and you have 1% conversion rate, then the cost per new client (cost per acquisition) is €50 (0,50 / 1%).

In this case, if you could double the conversion rate (to 2%), then the cost per new client would be 50% lower or €25 € (0,50 / 2%). That would change your profitability and potential ways of advertising considerably.

Conversion Rate optimization is the result of a long-term process that includes visitor behavior analysis, usability testing, A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing until we get the desired result.

Netstudio is certified by Google as Google Analytics Partner and Google Website Optimizer Partner.

Watch the following video with conversion optimization examples.

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