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George Mastrokolias

Product/Account Manager

My first experience with a computer was back in 1988, having fun with the famous Sabotage game ( on the Apple IIe in my father’s company. In 1994, I managed to buy my first own machine with MS-DOS 5.22 installed and after a while, I started experimenting with programming in Visual Basic 4.0 on Windows 3.11. I was mainly working on friends’ projects while I was a college student in Digital Systems department of Piraeus University. My diploma thesis concerned a Comic Strip Creator in Microsoft Silverlight and C#.

I soon realized that all the above were just “messing around” until I met Netstudio and Drupal in May 2011. Knowledge transformed into passion and passion into creation! Working with Drupal, you imagine yourself many times as a prodigy at the age of 6, efficiently mastering the most difficult Lego puzzle while everybody else envy you. In Drupal, the magic combination of many puzzle parts shapes the picture imagined by the client. I feel very lucky that I am part of Netstudio’s “magic recipe” and together with all the team members we help to build the website by site… I’ve stolen some of boss's quotes. Let’s keep it between us ;)