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Selecting a domain name for your website is a very important task.

Choose a good sounding, easy to memorize and small as possible domain name. Read 5 tips for a successful domain name.

Netstudio is an official domain registrar certified by the Greek National Telecommunications and Post Commission (ΕΕΤΤ)

All domains come with an administration control panel, through which you can renew them, and change the nameservers without having to call or e-mail us.




gr212.50 €
com115.00 €
com.gr212.50 €
net115.00 €
net.gr212.50 €
org115.00 €
biz115.00 €
eu115.00 €
info115.00 €
us115.00 €
name115.00 €
bz130.00 €
ca118.00 €
cc130.00 €
cn130.00 €
co.uk210.00 €
com.cn130.00 €
de120.00 €
net.cn130.00 €
nu230.00 €
org.cn130.00 €
org.uk210.00 €
tv150.00 €
ws130.00 €
asia130.00 €

All prices listed are per year, and are exclusive of VAT.

Transferring .gr suffixes to Netstudio is free. 

Call us at +30 210 8004447 for our price quotes regarding mass transferring/renewal of domains (more than 20).

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