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Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is one of the most effective ways of advertising online, as it promotes your company at its most critical moment: When the consumer is looking for the goods that you provide. This is why it's called targeted advertising.

The cost and performance of Google Ads depend on how well we target the ads. Wrong set up leads to wasted money, wasted time, and missed opportunities to bring more customers to our business.

If you already have implemented Google Ads campaigns, we can review them and suggest improvements. We will advise refactoring only if we believe that we can bring you better results.

In just a few minutes, we can identify critical design flaws and see if we can achieve savings in cost per click, which means that you may have more customers at the same budget. Ask us to review your campaigns for free!

Results Warranty

google partner

With experience from 2005, over 150 campaigns, and Google certification, we guarantee that we will deliver you a meaningful result. Otherwise, you will pay nothing! Call us at +302108004447 to explain how our warranty works.

Marketing Team

chatziGeorge Digital Strategist
dimitrisDimitris Internet Marketing Consultant6 Google Certifications
mastroGeorge Product/Account Manager7 Google/PMI Certifications
minaMina Web Analyst
pennyPenny Web Analyst 13 Google Certifications


panosPanos Web Analyst7 Google Certifications
rafailΡαφαήλ Web Analyst7 Πιστοποιήσεις Google


eleniIlias Web Analyst

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Marketing Customers Testimonials

Their support was excellent

We chose to work with Netstudio because they approached our request to redesign the website with a lot of excitement. They didn't try just to make it better, but also helped us keep our costs down. Their honest approach and professionalism have enabled us to significantly improve our online presence. Their support was excellent both in the technical part and in their response times. Very practical and easy to use platform for relevant support requests where we could access all the communication, files, and the progress of the requests. Congratulations to the whole team!

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