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lockEmpower your website with an SSL security certificate by Thawte. If you have an online store, or you just want to build on your visitors' trust, make your site safe.

Thawte is one of the most renowned and reliable SSL certification companies. When you install a security certificate on your site, a lock symbol appears on the address bar, showing your visitors that data transferring to/from them is encrypted.

address bar

Enhance your visitors' trust, and increase contacts and orders.

SSL123 Security Certificate by Thawte allows you to send and receive encrypted data with encryption key size up to 256 bits.

There are much cheaper SSLs by unknown companies, as well as much more expensive ones, for instance, by the world leader VeriSign. SSL by Thawte provides an established name that will add prestige to your site, at a very good price.

Now available for only &euro 100 per year + VAT !

thawte logoFor that price you are entitled to present the Thawte logo on your site dynamically, so that certification takes place automatically for each customer.

This price does not include server installation, which must be performed either by you or by your hosting company. If we host your site, we will install your SSL for free. You also need to contact your website designer regarding any modifications that may be required for your site's smooth performance in an encrypted environment. Normally, this takes a dedicated IP. SSL publishing takes from a few minutes to 3 days.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, either on +30 210 8004447 or through our contact form.

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