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We can develop any web application you may need. Take a look at our custom applications / scripts:

Connection of Online Stores with a Bank: Money Collection via Credit Card

visa master eurobank logosWe have connected many sites with online bank systems (Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Emporiki Bank, as well as PayPal, MoneyBookers, InstaBill etc.

If you prefer another bank or organization, contact us, and we will discuss your site's connection. Connection can be achieved either by redirection, in which case the customer inserts his card's data in the bank's site, or by XML, in which case the card data are sent to the bank through SSL.

Online Availability & Booking

If you are in the tourist lodging business (hotel, room letting), or have a travel/tourism agency, we can devise a mechanism that will present your lodging's availability per room and date. This mechanism will allow online booking via credit card.

XML for

Skroutz Authorized Solution

If you own an online store, we can create a script that will produce the xml necessary for including your products in, eprice, pathfinder shopping, google products, or any other product-comparison search engine you may propose.

Data Entry in Database

If you want to insert Excel, Access, CSV or Text data, such as products, clientele, etc in another form (e.g. MySQL), we can transform them, and either copy-paste them, or create a script to insert them.

Online Calculators

If you want to provide a calculating device for your site's visitors, we can write the JavaScript or PHP scripts. For example, we have written script calculating insurance fees based on age and sex; script calculating house loan installments based on payback period, capital, interest, etc.

Live Chat Service

We can provide "live chat" for your site. Your visitors will be able to see when your staff are available, and start a chat conference like the one you see on our page.

Click-to-Call Service

A more advanced service than the one above. It allows your visitors to call you free of charge via your website. Clicking on a button opens up a popup frame where the visitors can insert their phone numbers. The server calls them right away on the given phone number, and when they pick up, you receive the call.

For more information on the above, or any other application not mentioned here, please contact us.

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