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Why you should speak directly with the developers

I'm pretty sure that at some point in the past when you asked your website's developer to create a new feature to your website, something similar to the picture below happened:


So why all this confusion happens that often and how can you deal with it? Most of the times the solution is much simpler than you think. The most important thing is to be able to talk directly with the developer that handles the project.

But let’s go a bit earlier than this point so we can understand some basics. Firstly, you need to be "well-read" yourself and know what you want. I am very happy when I talk to customers that know what they want and mostly how difficult or easy is what they are asking for. When you are well-read and know that the task you are asking is for example quite difficult, misconceptions are avoided and deadlines are being set more correctly and accurately.

Since you are "well-read", it would be wise to request from those who participate in the project to be present at the project's award briefing. So when the construction has started and contracts have been set out of the picture, when the offers made by the sales department have been completed, when everything to be done by the design department has been completed and when the time has come for the development part to get started, you should demand to be continuously informed about the progress of the project. You should be able to see the project during its creation process and discuss any matter of concern directly with the developer who has been assigned to the project. That way the developer can easily and quickly inform you without necessarily talking "Chinese" for any issues arising and their potential approaches, as well as to propose the best solution for you.

In Netstudio we have staffed our team with pleasant and intelligent developers with whom you can communicate directly. We consider this as a very basic element of our cooperation so that all issues can be completed faster and more accurately in order to avoid ending up in misunderstandings arising from the process of "Chinese whispers".




Here, however, there are some conditions which apply also to you. You should always know that when you ask the developer for something which has not been agreed in the initial briefing and has not been included in the final quote, you put him in a very difficult situation. Even the very small tasks, which can rapidly multiply, are sometimes responsible for extending the delivery deadlines and become a reason for small misunderstandings. Thus, you should be punctual on your part and if you think you're asking for something that was not initially supposed to be done, you would better contact the sales consultant, rather than the development department. 

If this is something very simple and will not take much time, it is almost certain that it will be done free of charge, therefore you save the developer from extra stress on whether to do it or not, since, of course, we all want to have our customers satisfied. And please remember that nothing is meant if not discussed before quoting. 

In Netstudio, we have not locked up our developers in the basement, but they are in the best place with extra transparent casing! So if you ever decide to create your site with us, previously find our internal phone numbers to call us whenever you want!

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