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Passion & Vision. Essential ingredients for any project's success!


During my five years’ experience in Netstudio, I have participated in over 100 projects! I have experienced great successes, failures and big failures. Now I can safely write my conclusions about the thin line that separates the success from the failure as well as the determinants that make a project succeed or be dumped in "the dustbin of the Internet" ...

The road to success and the road to failure


Most people think that the success and the failure meet at a crossroad. And the choice you make will lead either to the right (successful) way or to the wrong way and failure.



In reality, however, the successful road is much more complex and much more difficult than we think. This road passes through many failures to come eventually after many attempts at success.


But what is it that makes you stand up from failures and continue the race to success?


Passion is a key ingredient to success. All successful people have it. What is passion? Passion is a very strong feeling of love. It is someone's need to do his best in order to succeed. Passion is love.

A project needs passionate people in order to succeed. You need a team that will do its best in order to achieve the ultimate goal. You need a leader who is passionate and focused on the result.

At Netstudio, during the last five years that I'm able to watch from the inside, we have been working very hard towards this direction. It is not simple. But we try to recruit our team with passionate and ambitious people. With people who will not just finish the project, but will take it off. They will consider it as being their own, they will embrace the vision and the objective of the project and will do their best to be achieved.

…but I have said the magic word:


Most people think that the word vision is synonymous with the word goal. It may have been once... Not anymore! The word goal has lost the value it used to have. Today a goal may be to buy a car, a nice trip abroad, the success of the monthly financial results etc ...

Now, we need another word to describe this more important, more basic, more rare thing. The vision therefore is a philosophy, a way of thinking. Most people have not found or have not focused on their vision yet. But even those who have, most of the times have borrowed their vision from others. Yet, everyone is seeking and looking for his vision. If you have a vision, then you will surely attract people who are looking for a vision, people who are thirsty for a way of thinking where they will channel all their creativity and passion.

Consider Apple. What was the thing that made the company take off and have loyal customers from all over the world? Was it the design? Was it the construction quality? I do not think so ... Other companies also have these things. It was the vision!

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do.
- Apple Inc.

Successful projects

Most of the successful projects in which I have participated had people with vision and passion. These were those projects whose initiators came to Netstudio to impart us their vision, to talk to us about their philosophy, to give us their way of thinking.

Our team has instinctively "answered" with passion and enthusiasm to those projects! We did our best and finally succeeded!

What if I do not have a vision?

Nobody is born with a vision. Neither becoming a visionary is necessarily a charismatic ability. Anyone can easily become a visionary just by following a simple method. He merely has to make a short phrase, a paragraph that will describe his way of thinking, his philosophy about life. The following four steps have helped us in Netstudio to make our own vision as a team and to describe it in one phrase.

  • Each one replied with a paragraph to the following questions: What do you want to create in your life? If you had energy again like a child, what would you like to achieve? What would wake you up early in the morning and keep you awake till late in the evening? If nothing held you back, what would you do in your life? What challenges do you want to face? What would you like to share with others? What would you like to contribute to your life and to the lives of others? 
  • We synthesized the responses by making an emotionally charged paragraph. A phrase that motivates us to action, that causes us a creative concern!
  • We added specific results that can be measured.
  • The vision does not need to be a perfect text. It does not need to speak to anyone other than the visionary himself. Consequently, we wrote it just as we thought it. We did not make any "compromises" to the syntax so that it will sound nicer to the ears of the people with whom we will share it. The result was:

Always Improve Ourselves & Our Customers in Internet Solutions

Make your own vision, follow your passion, find a group with which you will share your vision, thrill your team and then the success is guaranteed!

What do you think about the success and the factors that lead to it? Add your comment below.

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Lambros Mitropoulos
Εξαιρετικό κείμενο.

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Πολύ καλή προσέγγιση του θέματος με σαφήνεια και κατανοητές απο όλους έννοιες.
Πολύ καλό το ΟΡΑΜΑ σας.
Καλή επιτυχία στην επίτευξη του
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Vasileios Davvetas
Ετσι είναι.Ενα άρθρο παρουσίασης τής πραγματικότητας.
Εξαιρετικό .Εύγε.
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Το moto που έχω στη ζωή μου είναι : Τίποτα αδύνατο και δύςκολο για τον θέλοντα.Παρατηρησα ότι εάν έχεις βιώσει και την απόλυτη κορυφή και τον απόλυτο πάτο και απογοητευτείς πάντα κάτι μέσα σου δεν σε αφήνει να παραιτηθείς κι ας είσαι σε αδράνεια για καιρό.Οταν υπάρχει πάθος η φλόγα έχει τέτοιο πείσμα που έρχονται ετσι τα πράγματα στη ζωή από το πουθενά και σου δίνεται η ευκαιρία να απογειωθεις και αν όντως θες θα απογειωθείς,το μόνο σίγουρο.παντως προσωπικά ότι έφτιαχνα ο στόχος μου ήταν να ναι ωραίο και ποιοτικό και ο πελάτης δεν είναι τσέπη.Του προσφέρεις κάτι από σένα που χρειάζεται κι αυτό δίνει μια εσωτερική ευχαρίστηση και δεν είναι αγγαρεία η δουλειά.Απο την άλλη όμως είδα ότι δεν πρέπει να υποτιμάμε τι προσφέρουμε όχι για τους άλλους αλλά για μας γιατί ετσι χάνεται η λαχτάρα για δημιουργία και η όρεξη.Οπότε επιτυχία πιστεύω είναι το σύνολο των αποτυχιών όχι μόνο στα οικονομικά ανοίγματα πάνω σε ένα project ή οι λάθος επιλογές ,αλλά η μεγαλύτερη αποτυχία στο να μην εκτιμάς εσυ ο ίδιος τι μπορείς να καταφέρεις και ότι και να κάνεις με μεράκι έχει αξία γιατί είναι κομμάτι του ίδιου σου του εαυτού για να το προσφέρεις στον άλλο,όταν πάθεις,μάθεις,συνειδητοποιήσεις και ξανασηκωθεί τότε πέτυχες πριν καν πετύχεις

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