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Horses for courses


This site is modern, pioneering, easy to use and certainly responsive.  
And the most important element? 
The fact that it meets all the needs of the most!

All credit goes to MAPFREWARRANTY.GR, where the design and the construction of the most important features, could have been very hard to come to life without Drupal’s support.

AJAX’s simple structure and Drupal’s FORM API were these factors needed in order to create the Cost Calculator, simple and user-friendly as it is.
The Cost Calculator allows users to choose the brand and model of their car, the years of vehicle circulation and the kilometers traveled, delivering as an outcome the most suitable package as well as the monthly/annual warranty costs.

Υπολογιστής Κόστους

The visitor then, can decide whether the advance or the value warranty is suitable for their car, and the algorithm is responsible to extract the best result for them - always in a split-second.

Special animations, diffusely yet organized spread across the home page, catch the eye and raise visitor’s interest.

Last but not least, the security and validity of the content in accordance with the vivid, persuasive design, highlight the reliability of MAPFRE WARRANTY in cars’ warranty and Netstudio’s authority in Drupal and Web Design.

Oh well, horses for courses!

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