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Geniki Taxydromiki chose Drupal


Geniki Taxydromiki, the leading express courier services company in Greece and Cyprus, chose Netstudio and Drupal for the redesign of its corporate website.

The mission was clear: A modern, responsive website that promotes company's services and provides all the necessary features to fulfill customers needs.

(Re) Design

The new mobile world, that grows day after day, demands user-friendly navigation across the website throughout tablets and mobile phones. The most appropriate choice to accomplish that is the responsive design technology. Therefore, Geniki Taxydromiki's new website is getting adjusted depending on user’s screen resolution, offering a pleasant navigation experience to the visitor.

From the very beginning, a flat design approach was chosen. Simple, clear graphics, without excesses, with website's content as the main objective. The new has its own identity derived from design’s simplicity and elegance, following a "Less is More" concept.

Shipment Tracking

The most important site's feature probably is the shipment tracking. The shipment tracking functionality was enriched with graphics and became mobile friendly - something necessary as more than 30% of site's users navigate through their mobile phones.

Shipment Cost Calculator / Delivery Date Estimator

The shipment cost calculator enables the visitor to calculate the cost of shipment based on route, weight and additional delivery services (e.g. morning delivery or Saturday's delivery).

Moreover, the delivery date function allows users to calculate the estimated time of delivery depending on the destination and the shipping day.

Online Order

One more important feature is the online shipment order form that provides Geniki Taxydromiki’s clients with the option to submit a new e-order and parcel's collection from the closest truck.

Office Network / Find Nearest Office

One page in which we devoted a lot of time and artistry as we wanted to create something special is the one that identifies the nearest Geniki Taxydromiki's office. A google map fully linked with company's network enables users to search with the following criteria: address, city or postal code of the chosen area.

The newly designed site of Geniki Taxydromiki went live on Saturday. On Sunday 26th of April, it was officially launched and approved with nothing less but positive comments.

Visit the new site at:

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