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Cheese pie, cremes and


Attention! Do not read the following recipe if you love sweets, cakes or any kind of tempting delicacy.  At the same time, don’t accuse us of feasting your eyes on the photo material, the easy usage, the interactive presentation and the fast navigation.

It was sincerely impossible to resist this temptation and so we baked with love a cooperation with the birth of (alevri=flour), wishing to transfer an authentic cooking experience to all of you who love the recipes and products of Ag. Georgiou Mills.

Loulis Mills S.A. Company - with a history dating back to 1782 - continues until today to service customer’s needs with consistency and respect.
Thus, one of our primary goals, through and Drupal on our side, was to design as vivid and modern as possible the active and strong entrepreneurial aspect of the company. The emergence of the audiovisual material, as well as the “Dates - Milestones” feature helped us towards this mission.

Another important element on the site is the “Cook with what you have in your closet”, proving that even with only a few materials such as Farina flour anyone can create delicious combinations, from tasteful Quiche Lorraine and Greek Galaktoboureko to Pancakes or savory recipes like Ravioli stuffed with dried tomato and mushrooms.

Μmm, sounds like you are hungry?

The “material converter” helps all of us, housemen and housewives, to easily and quickly convert any recipe ingredients (oil, water, flour etc.) to the desired measurement unit. As a result, we can calculate precisely the required dosages.

Do you also want to prepare a sweet dessert like a tasty chocolate cake, but you are not really sure how long does it take? No worries, because each recipe is accompanied by the preparation time, the cooking time and the difficulty level. By choosing the portions you need in relation to the number of people you serve, you get back the quantities required for each ingredient.

And wanna know a secret? Avoid consulting the “Nutrition Information” (energy value, protein, fat, etc) that you will encounter in any recipe in order to enjoy the fruitcake or your pancakes without remorse and guilt.

Lastly, if you desire to unfold your cooking talent, after finalizing your own plate, you can send your recipe to Loulis Mills and post it with your “tasty” photo. Having the opportunity to save your favorite recipes or share your sweet creations with friends and family, you have no other choice but to love as much as we do. And if you are on mobile worry no more because is also responsive accompanying every single, delightful moment in your kitchen.

Start baking here and let us “taste” your comments below.

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