Web Developer


I acquired my first personal computer at the age of 13 to start learning the fundamentals of computers, as my parents used to say. Of course all that I did in the beginning was to play games, but I soon realized I'd like to get involved professionally with the IT industry.

A few years later, I got accepted to the IT faculty of Technological Educational Institute of Athens. A huge world opened before me, with countless possibilities.

The Web development 101 class, was what I was looking for. My thesis, on an electronic newspaper management system was the reason for my first acquaintance with PHP and CSS.

Then, during my internship, and after pursuing on completing some projects for a few clients, I discovered the world of CMS. I worked for a while with Joomla and WordPress and with some specialized CMS for online stores (such as Magento, CS-Cart and Zen Cart). But in the end of the day I was always impressed by the capabilities and flexibility of Drupal.

Drupal, accompanied me as a partner in subsequent web development companies that I worked for, building websites and corporate online stores.

After joining the Netstudio team, web development and Drupal took a whole new meaning . Netstudio is a company with Open Source mentality that gives back to the Drupal community. We know how to get 100% out of Drupal and we try to make groundbreaking stuff every day while having lots of fun.