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George Chatziioannou

Digital Strategist

My journey began when I set out from Methoni to study Computational Mechanics at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus whence I graduatedI was always keen on new technologies and constructions (I still remember the tailored-transformed fork I had devised specifically to fit the kitchen plug…). 

In my college years we had our ears tuned towards the coming of ADSL and the development of the Internet. A new, digital world was in the making (in Greece, it was at its foundation phase). As of 2008 I started giving a hand as a web developer at a web development agency. Custom CMSs were in fashion at the time, and so I went into them for quite a while. I made dozens of websites, most of which were dynamic in PHP, as well as a number of e-commerce sites for various companies. On the way, I discovered the promotional needs of websites, realizing that very few things were being done by webmasters towards that direction. I must confess I was not a big fan of advertising. What attracted me to online marketing was that you can monitor results in no time. That was the ticket I needed for my journey to online marketing. Nowadays I sort of travel first class with two certifications:  One by Google as Google AdWords Qualified Individual, and another one by Web Ceo University as Professional Internet Marketer. Along this journey I have also been developing and managing dozens of online campaigns, as well as helping develop and optimize brand and company identity for various agencies. The journey continues and the next destination is conquering Drupal islands. Luckily, we have enough pirates at Netstudio who can certainly give a hand.